Boost team happiness, sales + communication
in a day, with real results guaranteed. 

Ready for a breath of fresh air for your leadership, team and happiness? Every training is 100% original and customized to your team, your goals, and your needs. Also includes one-on-one training for every participant to keep the training going beyond the classroom! 

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THANK YOU for being so wonderful and gracious with my team. I, as well as my team, truly felt such value in our session and I wish we could do this weekly. It really was eye opening to learn so much about ourselves and I hope it only helps us from here - You are clearly born to do this!
— Emily B., Director of Sales for Country Club

Ready to make your sales and team happiness soar?

If so, these inspiring and educational workshops will help you and your sales team understand themselves and others, close more deals and be happier in their work and lives. 

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These sessions use role-playing exercises, brain games, and group activities to stimulate thinking, inspire growth and get your people doing what works today.

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I engage new sales teams and veteran sales professionals alike with my entertaining and inspiring educational programs that show ROI on your targeted goals. 

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Energized and focused, my training includes personalized action plans that empower your team to take action & build business. 

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All workshops are 100% focused on your business, market, prospects, and unique sales process. Best of all, they deliver real results - more sales, more profits, and more smiles. 

I'm a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst & know exactly what makes your sales force tick as professionals and people. 


Each training includes:

  • One-On-One Coaching: Customized to each attendee with specialized action plans to help them get to the next level of sales and happiness at work and in life.

  • Professional DISC, Motivators & Strengths Assessment for attendees and employees - a powerful tool for hiring, coaching, HR reviews, and more

  • Workshop Booklet for each attendee, customized with your organization's logo

  • Full Access to Training Slides, materials and resources post-training.


Trending training topics:

Superpowers for Selling

Sales skills and communication strategies that increase profits & connection

Hiring Superstars Every Time

For HR professionals and business owners

Sell More,
Be Happy

Increased productivity, satisfaction, and happiness at home & work

Reigniting You

For people experiencing burnout who want to get back to being their best

Everybody Talks, no one Listens

For teams experiencing communication & collaboration struggles

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It was nice to have a presentation that was so motivational by someone who knows exactly the trials and tribulations of being in this industry. It wasn’t someone trying to relate from the outside, so that was refreshing.
— Shannon Nylander, SpyC Catering