One day or day one? You decide.

Short on time and need to kick up sales and happiness in your biz and life? 

Not sure how to sell without feeling stressed, nervous or rushed?

Feeling the pressure to up your profits and make space in your life for fun again?


My Creative Sales Bootcamp is here to help with those things and more, offering fast-paced education with high performing, creative pros just like you!

When you attend, you'll learn:

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  • 7 easy sales hacks to increase sales ASAP
  • How to find clients you love and who energize you (no more clients draining you of joy and energy)
  • Confidence in your sales pitch, sales process and pricing
  • How to be discovered by your ideal clients in a crowded marketplace
  • How to create a clear set of goals, both financial and personal
  • An inspired, energized mindset to apply to your business and life
  • How to close like a pro - without anyone knowing you’re closing the sale!

  • Why automating your sales process will save your sanity

  • How to create deeper, more meaningful relationships with everyone in your life

  • What’s holding you back from closing more sales

  • How to spot your favorite clients from across the room, in a Facebook group, or in an email

  • How to create a proposal and invoice that reflect YOU and your brand!

  • What goals for your business and life fire you UP

  • A new, better way of listening to your clients and team

  • How to use the complete sales process and templates provided to you and install them in your biz in less than 60 minutes

  • How to create surveys that speed up your closing process by over 40%

  • The huge mistakes you’re making in sales that you don’t even realize you're doing

  • Key wording and phrases that undercut your value, and what to say instead

What's included in the bootcamp:

  • Full day of training with epic sales workbook to take home
  • Complete library of sales templates, scripts and process outlines
  • 60-minute coaching call with me 2-weeks AFTER the bootcamp, to answer all your additional questions
  • Full lunch, beverages and snack throughout the day
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My Biz Babe Bootcamps are for amazing ladies only (sorry, guys!) and limited to 8 attendees to ensure intense, fast-paced training that's customized to each attendee and their business. 

Each bootcamp attendees also gets a 60-minute coaching session 2 weeks after camp to ask questions, develop specific strategies and keep your mojo flowing in the "Hell Yes!" direction.

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Learn the foundations of selling 

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Understand your value position in your market

Number 3.png

Discover your personal and financial goals

Number 4.png

Automate your sales and process with templates

Number 5.png

Create proposals, contracts and meeting guides

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Supercharge your money and leadership mindset

door to sales


  • Talented woman business owners who want to grow their sales and achieve their goals
  • Driven sales professionals looking to up their skills, sales and success
  • Solopreneurs that need a focused sales process that is effective and authentic to their biz
  • Wedding and event professionals, artists and designers, makers and amazing women making the world a better, prettier, happier place.

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The Details:

Old City Collective Philadelphia PA


June 13th @ 9:30am  

Old City Collective, 222 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19106


$795 per person, includes assessment, workbook, sales templates,  process outline, and resources as well as catered lunch, beverages and snacks. 

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The goal is to sell without having to “sell” - it’s to transfer the passion you have for your biz to someone else and have them value you, buy from you and tell all their friends.