Top 5 Tips to Make Sure Your Sales Trainer is Awesome

Choosing a sales trainer isn’t as simple as a quick Google search for the nearest trainers in your area. It takes a bit of time to make sure that they’re going to be the right fit for your organization.

Does their training relate to your industry? Do they share your values and passion? Will they spark endless ‘ah-ha’ moments amongst your team?

These are all questions that you need to ask when hiring a sales trainer. It is an investment after all, so you want to make sure that you’re spending your money on someone who is going to bring results. You want a sales trainer that is awesome! They need to click with your team and bring out the best in everyone.

Not all sales trainers are made equal and not all sales trainers are going to be a perfect fit for you and your team. So, how do you know if a sales trainer is The One? Well…do they tick all five of the below tips to knowing if your trainer is awesome?


1.      They know your industry

There is nothing worse than getting in a trainer who shares a lot of great information but has absolutely no clue about your industry. They need to understand your greatest challenges, your biggest hurdles and all the emotional baggage that comes with the job. This is especially relevant within the hospitality industry. With my background in the hospitality and service industry, I know all about working in hotels, catering, resorts etc.. I’ve lived through the challenges of giving 150% to our clients all day, every day (hello burnout). I get it! And because I understand what your employees are feeling and what their daily struggles are, I can tailor my training to target their direct needs. Best of all, I can empathize with them without being superficial.

The best kind of sales trainer has worked within your industry or specializes specifically on training within your industry.


2.      They share your values/passion/vision for success

Are they high performers? Creatives? Do they want to do great work with great people? Can you immediately tell that they share the same values, passion and vision for success as you do? Look through their social media accounts and website to see how they represent themselves. Does their message align with yours?

They need to be just as amped about your business as you are. Eager to succeed and excited to get started.


3.      They have original material

Is their training material original and interesting? If a trainer is still using the same training guide from 2012, you know that they are outdated and boring. All training material should be original, tailor made, up to date, and faaar from boring! It also needs to be relatable and authentic – that is what will get your employees engaged.

This also shows that they’re willing to go the extra mile to look good and that they care. They’re invested in their work and take pride in what they do.


4.      They LOVE what they do

An awesome sales trainer is full of energy, happy and enthusiastic. Not in an annoying ‘can you just calm down’ way. But they genuinely love what they do, they love training and they talk with love and pride about their clients. Passion is infectious. If your trainer loves what they are doing and is passionate about sales, you can guarantee that their high vibes will rub off onto your employees.

Part of my style is to be fun, engaging and humor oriented. It’s one thing to get great information, but it’s another to remember it. If you’re smiling while you learn, you will remember more of it. Training doesn’t have to be boring. If the trainer is happy to be there, then so will your team.


5.      They understand that great training is about so much more than work

Great training is so much more than sharing good information, it’s about connecting with the team. It’s developing them more than just as team members or sales professionals, but rather as humans. It’s seeing them beyond their professional role and helping them change the world for the better.

It’s getting those ‘ah-ha’ moments that not only improve their work performance and results but also their human connections, relationships and confidence in themselves. When you hire me as a trainer, you don’t just get the training material in the session. I’m available to talk to each team member, one-on-one, to answer any questions – from professional tips to more intense questions about personal situations. I’m there for it all!

So, is your sales trainer awesome?