Tips for new planners!

One last tidbit from my interview with the Association for Bridal Consultants

If you were starting your business today, what is one tip you would share with new planners/designers?  

The world doesn’t need anymore copies – t’s needs you, your wild ideas and intuition guiding you. Don’t pay attention to what everyone else is doing – there’s no formula for great design. Rulebreakers and trendsetters are 2 names for the same people, so go on with your creative self and leave the comparison game in the dust. You’re the only you we’ve got, showcase it loud and proud!

Oh, and ask for the sale! Can’t get paid if you don’t ask for the deposit and contract. It’s not that scary, I promise! Especially after you come to my keynote!

Check out my keynote presentation: “A Whole New World: How to Up Your Sales, Happiness and Connection in Work and Life” at the Association for Bridal Consultants (ABC) Annual Conference at the beautifully tropical Sandals Royal Bahamian this October!

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