Lessons that impacted my business

Continuing from our tropical getaway conference interview, I share what lessons (good or bad) have impacted the way I have evolved my business.

Running a business is full of lessons, highs and lows, good and bad, but if I had to pick the top 3 most important lessons I’ve learned along the way, it would be:


    When you’re building your business, make sure you know what your values are and build a company and lifestyle around that. Want more time with family? No 80 hour work weeks here. Want to have a house in Maui, condo in NYC and yurt in Seattle? Awesome, so building in travel and remote work has got to be part of your business plan, too. Many of us enjoy the flexibility entrepreneurship offers but rarely do I see anyone take full advantage of it in ways that matter to them. Start with the values closest to your heart and create a business that puts space for those things first and work second – I can tell you from experience that looking in the rear view mirror of life, you’ll be glad you did it.


    Listen, I wish that my announcements of good news professionally were met with the same amount of likes as a sleeping baby photo, but it’s just not the case! No one will support your business like you will support it, so don’t put expectations on others to support, purchase, cheer on, refer or care about your business. It’s your role to care the most about your business and no one else. Expectations can really roar their heads when they’re not met, so take care to not set expectations on your friends and family on how they should support you and your business. Joining professional groups like ABC help build a super strong, supportive network of people liking, sharing and supporting your business so invest your time in attending, volunteering and gaining a whole new set of supporters, peers and mentors!


    The canvas is completely blank so have fun creating newness in your life! Whether it’s a new business, new professional identity (aka a complete job/industry change), new package, new style, new niche or new attitude, never limit yourself by what you “have always been”. Want to be an early riser? Great! Do it. Thinking of pivoting into luxury elopement planning? Heck yeah, you got this. Have a desire to become a keynote speaker like me? Awesome – get to developing your message and slide deck today. There is absolutely nothing stopping you except for the belief that you “can’t” change. Don’t let your history define your future and let that creativity flow – you’ll be surprised how much fun business can be when you let your fears go and lean into your desires.

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