Supporting a Friend Costs $0

A thought on this Thursday:

It takes $0 to support your friends & their businesses. Please consider supporting, liking, sharing and commenting on their posts to help give them a boost - the support feels wonderful and the effects can be a difference maker for them & their business.

While we're talking about it, here's some of my favorite friends' awesome businesses & passions:
Self Aware Records
LunahZon Photography
By George Communications
Nancy E. Mazzucco-Usuff for R+F
Aubrey Sheerin Dinkelacker for Arbonne
Allyson Rola for Isagenix
Wildcraft Creative
Style by Melissa
Emily Kramer Designs
Pachyderm Music Lab
Kelley Logan

It costs nothing to be nice, and it means everything to be supported.

Your choice.

Rachel Sheerin