How to Empower Employees & Behavior

Many of the company leaders that hire me are struggling with influencing their culture & seeing the decline in productivity that comes when employees aren't engaged.

Getting employees back on the horse with behaviors that are positive, joyful and profitable often seems like an impossible uphill battle but through my talks & training, I empower employees to be in charge of their own happiness & behaviors, leading to great things for them personally AND professionally. This article does a great job in illustrating what you could do TODAY to start the change from inside your org!

If it doesn't scare you, the dream isn't big enough.

Lately I've gotten a lot of private messages and questions about how I started my biz, speaking, etc and I think I've narrowed it down to these 3 things:

1. Don't deny your heart. When you were 5 you were probably doing what you were meant to do forever (insert me being up on the bed entertaining my stuffed animals 24/7) so get clear, look back and accept what comes without any judgement. My crowds are now hospitality professionals and badass women biz owners and I've traded a bed for a stage but it's just as fun and exciting as it was then.

2. If it doesn't scare you, the dream isn't big enough, because scared is just excitement if your mind is in the right place. If you do the things that scare you, on the other side of the excitement and hard work,you will come out victorious and thinking "I'm so glad I didn't quit because of stupid fear!!!"

3. You're never gonna be 100% ready and there's always going to be a million reasons or excuses you could create, but if you don't move forward you will never get the life you want, get to do the things you want and be the best version of yourself that you and the world deserve to have.

I don't have all the answers, but I figured sharing some of these may help someone out there. Do you have any guiding advice for folks looking for a new business or career change?

Sharing Your Light & Joy with the World

2 years ago I was a wreck. I was waking up every day and sobbing, wishing I'd get in a car wreck on the way to work just so I could get a few hours of rest and not have to deal with my team or my clients.

2 years ago, I was so "successful" - I was newly married, with a nice income, nice things, nice title, nice life. But I was so EMPTY. I avoided thinking about why nothing felt as good as it should, so I doubled down on the success - worked harder, longer, and for what?

2 years ago, I was a person who lived for others' approval, my own ego and worked endlessly to stifle my biggest dreams with my own biggest fears (to protect myself, I said, from the inevitable suffering that is always waiting for me and anything I love).

Today, I board a plane for New Orleans for my first talk of 2018 and my 25th talk of my career - a career in public speaking that I always dreamed of but was too scared to admit was what I wanted to do, fearful of the critics who would roll their eyes and say it wasn't a "real job". They can pound sand, I don't care and I know different than them.

Today, I'm bringing my best friend along and after Wednesday's talk is done, we are tearing up the French Quarter together for a few days. Travel and being with the people I love inspire me every day and I no longer fear being not taken seriously just because I take my fun seriously.

Today, I pack my bags with nutrition thanks to my health coach so I can be strong and mentally sharp plus work on my weight loss goals. I used to think that admitting I was working on fitness and nurtition was admitting that I was a failure in the first place, but now I feel too good to care about any "failures" of my past.

Today, I pack my bag with a note from my husband so I can hear his words before I get up on that stage. "You are here to share your light and your joy with the world".

Today, I hope that if you're reading this, you're sharing your light and joy with the world, too. You deserve to love your life like this.

See you out on the road.

Take the Road to Personal Transformation

Sometimes it's the birth of a child, sometime it's the death of a dream, and sometimes it getting sick and tired of being sick and tired in your life - whatever it is, whatever it is that leads you to living your life 100% as yourself, go as quickly as you can in that direction. You heart, your mind, your soul, your family, your friends and your world will be so much better for it.

"Be yourself - Everyone else is already taken"

I'm cheering you on. 

Supporting a Friend Costs $0

A thought on this Thursday:

It takes $0 to support your friends & their businesses. Please consider supporting, liking, sharing and commenting on their posts to help give them a boost - the support feels wonderful and the effects can be a difference maker for them & their business.

While we're talking about it, here's some of my favorite friends' awesome businesses & passions:
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It costs nothing to be nice, and it means everything to be supported.

Your choice.

One Day Can Change Everything

A year later and I feel this even more now:

"I hope that if you're reading, and you're tired, and you're sad, and you're lost, you know that you're not alone. We all get lost along the way and we can all find our own paths in the darkness.

Celebrate life - Be with ones you love - Give onto others - One day can change EVERYTHING - You have a place in this world - Peace on Earth, which especially means Peace within YOURSELF."

Rachel De Bernardo Sheerin updated her status.
December 22, 2016 · Statesville · 

As I write this, I'm sitting on my new couch, with the dog curled up by my Christmas tree, Yule Log on TV, Christmas music through the stereo. I'm between writing content for my website and finalizing a speaking gig in Boston in the summer. Oh, how times have changed.

This day last year, I was running around like a mad woman trying to buy presents, addicted to caffeine, throwing a pity party for myself, and all around not excited for my favorite holiday of the year. How had I gotten here? To feeling resentment, exhaustion, overall shitty?

2015, you were so great to me, yet missing Christmas and not feeling the spirit of joy, giving, and thankfulness crushed me. I knew I could not go living this way.

In March, I quit my job. Cold turkey. No plans. Jeff by my side, cheering me into the unknown (for which I am not sure I'll ever be able to repay his love, patience, and steadiness these past 9 months!).

I also started weekly therapy - I knew my issues were more than overwork and burn out, they were deeper but couldn't figure out what. It's funny - I always thought therapy was for stupid people (couldn't someone just FIGURE IT OUT?!) but what I realized was that we all need help. There are things in this life that become bigger than us, and we need some help. Doesn't mean we fail, doesn't mean we're weak, but it does mean we're committed to better - whatever that may be.

Through my time in therapy, I tackled beasts, demons, tormentors and sadness that I have never known inside myself. Apparently, we as humans are very good at tricking ourselves; hiding away things so they won't hurt us. I admitted to anger at others who I loved. I came face to face with success and winning and told it to go fuck off, because that's not what truly is in my heart. I let go of my identity that I had created for myself and let the true Rachel come into play. I meditated. I cried. I was honest with MYSELF, which was the hardest thing of all. And I loved it, because here I am now. (and my therapist, Jenny, who would say I did all the work, was absolutely amazing and she is truly an angel sent to me. I will never forget her.)

So here we are at the end of the year - how did things go?

Well, I've gained more frequent flier miles than any other year. I said YES to every new experience that came my way. I took every last minute trip, every late night party, and every long conversation with energy and passion that I thought I'd never have again. I did things I've always wanted to do with people I love. I've celebrated people genuinely without envy or comparison. I stumbled upon my true calling, a passion for helping other women and the joy I get from public speaking. I experienced the earth-shattering feeling of unconditional love for myself, and continue to work on it every day.

The moral of the story? I invested in myself and I didn't feel guilty about it. Others around me thought I was crazy, but I followed my gut, and leapt off the side of the cliff of the unknown. It was scary, but it was SO. DAMN. WORTH. IT.

I think back to the shadow of myself I was this day last year, I feel for her. I know her heart was good but her heart and mind were tired. Since I am now strong, I promise to never let myself get back to that place. I no longer feel selfish when I take time to care for myself, but instead feel liberated and peaceful. Where martyrdom and bitterness was, only joy and a giving heart remains. When I looked in the mirror, I finally see myself again - not as anyone wanted, not as I wanted to be, but just as I am - which is pretty damn awesome and special.

I hope that if you're reading, and you're tired, and you're sad, and you're lost, you know that you're not alone. We all get lost along the way and we can all find our own paths in the darkness.

With that, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas - the spirit of this season are ones that we all can get behind:

Celebrate life - Be with ones you love - Give onto others - One day can change EVERYTHING - You have a place in this world - Peace on Earth, which especially means Peace within YOURSELF.